Monday, May 6, 2013

Hot selfie

Aaahhh... The self promoting, sometimes oblivious, always cocky and not eternally the best idea after the fact selfie pic. We've all had them we just haven’t all face/insta/twitted them for the world to see. For those who have we salute you. J
The winning smile and the grimy shower.
The sexy smoulder and the leading hand. 
So sad someone stole your clothes... (my fav.)
OMG so hard to lift my shirt.
What's a tan line.
Changing room sexy time-out.
Who doesn't take their phone in the shower. (glad u did)
Hey look a mirror, and poof no shirt.

Guess his jeans were clean.

a professional for sure 
After work out
pp shy
the cocky I mentioned earlier.
locker rooms empty... click
he turned around quick take it
someone might be in a stall quick lift
new way of wearing a shirt as a belt
new def. for thunder thighs?
just hike that up and click perfect
the to cool smoulder
It's all fun an games love,em all.

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